Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Well, I have some good, some bad and some ugly news divas & gentlemen. The bad news is that I have disappointed both myself and my one comment-leaving reader, Marilee (thank you for leaving a comment by the way, it has contributed to me coming back to try again!). I'm afraid I have disappointed us by allowing my life style to sabotage my diet attempt.

Unfortunately, for the past month I have been on an evil shift where I have needed to wake up at 6am and immediately leave the house for work, leaving no time to have breakfast or prepare a lunch. Where I work, the most conveniently located food outlet is unfortunately a McDonalds (or Death as we lovingly refer to it) next door, with all other lunch options being a good 15 to 20 minute walk (both ways) which means I lose most of my lunch hour to travel.

Whilst this a very weak sabotage as that 15 to 20 minutes walk would have been a great exercise opportunity, I could have prepared my lunch the evening before, etc, it appears it was a sabotage that succeeded nonetheless.

They say it takes a month to kick a habit and in my experience this is true. In previous diets where I have successfully got off the ground and stuck to the plan, I have found after the first month eating habits have changed and it suddenly gets easier. This leads me on to the good news.

Starting today I am on Night Shift for 4 weeks. Whilst on Night Shift, I will have no access to anywhere that sells food because it will all be closed at 4am and as such I will have to prepare my own lunches and take them to work whether I like it or not.

So, let's do it. Tonight will be a tad difficult because I've been awake all day and now need to be awake all night (I'm not very good at the shift change-over process), as such I will pretty much need to inject caffeine to continue functioning, however after tonight I should have adjusted my body clock and be ready to rock.

Night Shift also means I have a lot of time to waste online and as such, maintaining a blog like this should be a pleasant task and will further reinforce my motivation to succeed.

My initial eating plan is something like 2 slices of toast for breakfast, a healthy lunch (2 sandwiches and some fruit, through lack of cooking equipment at work) and I haven't quite considered dinner yet as I'm not sure what I'll want to eat at 9am after being awake 15 hours, I may just want to pass out in bed, we shall see!

So, let's start again and pretend the last month didn't happen. I have a guest visiting me in 6 weeks and I would like to make as much progress as possible between now and then, time to do it properly.

New starting weight: 125kg (the ugly news).