Thursday, 1 October 2009

Night Shift

Well, night shift is doing it's very best to sabotage me by not giving me the motivation to think about anything other than sleep, however I have arrived at work with my tuna sandwiches freshly packed and I sit here typing while sipping a glass of water. So, in conclusion, it has begun!

I was having issues with continuing to learn French at home because my microphone was broken, which in turn prevented Rosetta Stone from understanding anything I was saying during our lessons, however that's also been resolved with a new headset so I will be able to start my lessons again and that ball will soon start rolling too.

Oh yes, all is well, time to stick to the plan and turn it into a habit. The great thing about Night Shift is you appear to not get hungry. There's something about it being the middle of the night that prevents my body from realising that it should eat at some stage - dangerous but beneficial!



  1. Lol, yes Night Shift would be perfect for me. Someone who has a highly unusual sleeping schedule which keeps me awake till the crack of dawn then going to work devoid of any type of reasonable sleep only to come home and pass out and start the whole horrifying process, the nxt day..

  2. Oh and I obsess over Zachary Quinto quite often as well. Lol

  3. You've basically just summed up my life right now - I'm not sure if these shift should be a long term plan! >_<