Friday, 30 October 2009

Payday: A blessing and a curse

So payday has now happened (finally!), which means I am here with both good news and bad news! The good news? I can afford to eat! The bad news? I can afford to eat. :-/

I'm afraid I've already been naughty (and we're not even in the attack of the British yet!), by attending a team meal last night at a local Indian restaurant. Mind you, I wasn't too bad, I didn't have a starter or a desert/coffee after, while most did. I had a Chicken Korma, some Basmati rice and a Cheese nan - Not the end of the world.

(Warning: Skip this paragraph if you don't like reading about vile bodily functions!)
This would all have been well and good, had I not have then continued with the team to a local bar and drank far too much (well, not as much as I've been known to drink, but 2 large wines and 3 pints of beer is hardly acceptable diet drinking!) - Luckily, after such a long period of barely eating whilst waiting to be paid, my body didn't appreciate the drink and forced most of it, along with half my Indian, back up a little later. Don't get me wrong, I hate being sick (and would certainly never use it as a weight-loss method), however if my body's making me involuntarily then who am I to complain!

After last nights episode (which I appreciate you probably have a little too much information about now so apologies for any vile mental imagery!), I weighed in this morning at a pleasant 116kg (256lbs / 18st, 3lbs) - This brings my total loss to 9kg (20lbs / 1st, 6lbs)!!!

How good is that? I totally don't deserve it after yesterday however my body appears to be in a forgiving mood! Step 3, here we come!

During Step 2 by the way I've been walking to work everyday and I've decided not to renew my bus pass for November, forcing me to continue walking everyday (prior to Step 2 I was getting the bus every day so this is an extra 50 minutes or so exercise 5 times a week) - Still don't feel quite up to the gym yet, I'm thinking that's going to start around Step 4, however the walking is certainly a good start! The lift is also broke in my apartment building until the end of December apparently so that forces me to walk up 5 flights of stairs every time I come home.

I'm going to try to stick to the baguette diet thing whilst at work this month, regardless of having money, because the cash I do have is already disappearing rapidly and baguettes seemed to be quite an effective way of losing weight (well, 20lbs in 2 weeks, 2 days, so I should probably say a very effective way of losing weight ^_^) - This is also how I'm going to try to survive the attack of the British (a little naughty at weekends, baguettes in the week).

Moving on to something completely different (how bad is the flow of this post?), it's Halloween tomorrow! There's a costume contest on at work which I intend to win - I'll tell you a little secret - In England, whilst I was a bank manager by day, I was a professional drag queen by night, so I know a thing or two about dressing up.

This year I'm going as the same thing I did last year, "Sister Twitch" - I'll get a photo taken and upload it but I'll give you a sneaky peak now with a picture taken of me in a club last year.

*points to the left* Forgive the sweaty Betty appearance, unfortunately that was about 14 hours after putting on my face and the club was extremely hot!

Half expecting to scare off half of my new blog followers by whipping this one out of the bag so early, but I did say I'd start being less anonymous and share some of my life with you guys so I might as well throw you in the deep end!


  1. The first sentence made me laugh. Money is good, but then you can buy food. What a dilemma! Haha.
    Hope you had a good halloween.

  2. You are absolutely wonderful! I know you learned a hard lesson about eating and drinking when you have been on a pretty strict diet. I bet it was a grand evening anyway. You really must be sure to get some protein in your diet. In the meantime, I love your blog and am not going anywhere now for sure.