Monday, 12 October 2009

Time for change

Good news!

In view of the fact that night shift is slowly destroying my soul, work have agreed I can end it early and I am now back on evening shift! This is by far the shift where I am generally most productive and feel the most comfortable, so I now have time to collect myself and make some changes.

The first is of course going to be healthy eating, which is starting with immediate effect. The second is to put more effort into learning French and I intend to do this by doing an at least an hour per day of Rosetta Stone learning before work.

The third is with regards to my blog! I think the anonymity of my blog is making it far too easy for me to cheat on my diet, because it allows me to basically take no responsibility - Although arguably this would still be the case if I put a face to my blog, I think I would feel like the blog is more a part of my life if it detailed more about me and this in turn would encourage me to update it more regularly.

The fourth change is regarding blog content. Whilst this blog will still diary all of my weight-loss and french-learning efforts, as these are major parts of my life and areas where I seriously do need to keep a diary to keep track of how I'm doing, I think the blog would be more interesting for both me and readers if I threw in the occasional extract from my day. If something really cool has happened or really not cool that I would like to vent about, it seems silly not to do so while I'm regularly maintaining a blog, so expect more drama!

The fifth change is the aesthetics of the blog - it's ugly. It does the job right now however it really is just a black and white template with no effort at all, so if I want a blog I can call home I think it should be considerably prettier!

So, I have made a second blog (testing for the fat bitch), where I will be testing my severely under practiced web design skills to make changes which will then be implemented on this blog once they work correctly. Time to teach myself Photoshop I guess!


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  1. I am so glad you are back and off that terrible night shift! Can't wait for more news from you about how your changes are going. Sounds like you are really getting into this blog thing. I think mine is helping me stay on track, so keep it up! Hope your life is more exciting than mine. Look forward to future installments.