Saturday, 3 October 2009


RIGHT! This is WAR!

I haven't had to buy any new clothes for about 6 months (and haven't wanted to either through the hopes of getting thinner and buying smaller clothes) - However I'm afraid I recently got to the point that all fat people get to relatively regularly, where the majority of your trousers have worn at the crotch through horrendous amounts of rubbing to the point that should you wear them again your trousers could split in half in public, a risk not worth taking.

This, naturally, sent me to the mall to buy a few pairs of Jeans. Ladies, gentlemen and divas, I remember when I thought a 36 inch waist (on a man) was far too fat, then at 38 I knew something needed to be done and when that broke to 40 I was thoroughly upset. Today I have come home with my 2 new pairs or jeans, both a 40 waist, and neither fit. I am a 42.

This was perfectly timed considering yesterdays post was titled "All of the will, none of the power" as believe me, I just found the power.

I'm setting myself an unhealthy target of losing 4kg in 4 days. Yes, yes, yes, we all know that drastic drops like that usually turn into binges when they go wrong and it's dangerous to lose weight too quickly - but this is an emergency, I have no trousers!

I'm going to wake up in 10 hours or so and nothing*, not a kebab, not a coke when I'm almost sleeping on my keyboard, not even a McDonalds breakfast is going to stop me from shrinking these thighs.

Current weight: 123kg

*except a 4 course of meal with Zachary Quinto should he visit Paris and offer, but even then I'll be on the water.



  1. I know this feeling all too well. I hate buying new clothes and honestly do not remember the last time I enjoyed buying new clothes. But keep that in your mind and use it to drive you and you will accomplish your goals!

  2. Now Diva, it's not good for you to go without food. Your metabolism is going to start slowing down almost immediately. How about drinking protein shakes? Find one without added sugar, not that Slimfast stuff which has sugar in it. Muscle Milk is not bad and Premier Nutrition Protein drink has 30 grams protein and only 1 gram sugar, the lowest I have found. Do not know what is available in France, but try health food store and read labels. Then drink lots of water too! Good luck.