Saturday, 24 October 2009

Step 2

So, we've now entered Step 2. I haven't actually explained my steps yet but there's 10 of them, I'll go into the idea in my next post but right now I'm late for work so it's just a quicky for my weigh-in!

24/10/09 - 119kg
19/10/09 - 121kg
16/10/09 - 122kg
14/10/09 - 125kg

10 days already? That flew by! So it's 10 days, 6kg (13lbs) lost, not a bad start considering I've been cheating here and there >_< Luckily, I only have 2 euros & 50 cents to survive the next 7 days, so whereas before it was baguettes & water, plus a naughty kebab, cigarettes, etc - For the next 7 days it really will only be baguettes & water, because there is simply no budget to cheat!

So, Step 3 should arrive quite quickly hopefully! Coming Soon: My 10 Steps to Success!


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